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What is the good character policy?

The requirement to be of ‘good character’ applies to any person who applies for British citizenship and who is over 10 years old. Where a person is not to be of ‘good character’ their application for British citizenship will be refused. The policy includes all considerations and ‘non-compliance with immigration requirements’.

What are the new changes?

Previously: If you were faced with a period where you were in a breach of the immigration rules as a failed asylum seeker then under the previously rules you would not be able to apply for nationality for another 10 years.  New Changes means that that time would not be considered and the time you are in breach will only county from the date that the applicant has been granted Refugee Status. 

The rules have been changed. Individuals with indefinite leave to remain can be treated as having met the lawful residence requirement during the 5-year qualifying period without further investigation. In accordance with this change, illegal entry, overstaying, and absconding may also be disregarded when assessing good character requirements over the applicable 10-year period. (Subject to the conditions set by the Home Office regarding a persons character).

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