Islamic Legal Services: At SBA Solicitors we can provide expert advice on representing those that require legal advice and guidance on Islamic Law Marriage and Divorce.

· Was your Nikah ceremony performed and you are not legally married in the UK?
· Have you married under Islamic Law aswell as English Law?
Have you entered into a Nikah under Islamic Law in a foreign country where the Nikah is recognised such as Pakistan or Dubai or Saudi Arabia.

Shayheda Butt can provide expert family advice to suit your needs. We assist clients every step of the way. We provide specialist help for both the husband and the wife . It should be noted that under English Law the rights differ for both the man and the woman who is giving the divorce. We can assist with the following :

Application for Talaq from Husband:

Under Islamic Law a man can divorce his wife by pronouncing Talaq 3 times. Once accepted and pronounced then the wife will start her Iddath Period. The period of the Iddath lasts for 3 months. If the husband and the wife decide to go for mediation and reconcile then the marriage can continue. If the husband and the wife do not reconcile then the marriage will come to an end.

If the wife is expecting then she will have to wait until the child is born after which the iddath period will start.

-Islamic Divorce (Talaq)

-Dissolution of an Islamic Marriage by the wife. There are three types of Sharia Divorce following a wifes petition:

(a) Khula Divorce – Where the husband and the wife have consummated the marriage and the husband agrees to the divorce;

(b) Tafreeq Divorce – (Dissolution) – Where the husband and the wife have consummated the marriage but the husband refuses to give divorce.

(c ) Faskh Divorce (Annulment) When the marriage is a forced marriage and the marriage has not been consummated.

Once the divorce has been finalised an official Divorce Certificate will be issued.

Civil Divorce Proceedings and Islamic Divorce:

If you have applied for civil divorce proceedings then the Islamic Divorce can be granted very quickly.

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