Families already settled in the UK won’t have to meet new visa salary thresholds, Home Secretary signals

Home Secretary hints settled UK families exempt from new visa salary thresholds. Proposed immigration rules: £38,700 minimum income to bring family/partners from abroad, over double the current £18,700 requirement.

Home Secretary assures forward-looking changes, and pledges clarity to ease worries. Spring start for salary requirements in wider visa changes adds uncertainty for some families. Home Secretary assures no impact on those earning below £38,700 with UK-based families. Critics warn of severe consequences for families at risk of separation.

New UK visa rules spark chaos! Settled families in turmoil as salary thresholds doubled. James Cleverly defends changes as ‘forward-looking,’ but uncertainty prevails.

Are you earning £38,700? Brace for impact! The government’s ‘obscene’ changes threaten family unity. Stand against exploitation!

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